LifeAid believes that health and safety is an all-encompassing principle that is not just limited to preventative measures. Regardless of what or where an event or workplace is, it is essential that should be provision of suitable first aid, medical and emergency response capability to ensure the welfare of all involved if an incident should occur.

LifeAid will assist you in providing the foundation for planning each project by providing organisers the following:

  • A risk assessment including profiling of the activity and the site location.
  • Identification of the contributing hazard and risk factors to consider when developing a medical and emergency plan that is robust and fit for purpose.
  • Provision of a health and safety management plan and the safety, medical, fire and security staff, equipment, vehicles and supplies to ensure any emergencies are managed adequately.
  • Provide guidance to implement the required emergency and medical response system.

Will you be prepared for every situation and can you guarantee your plan meets legislative health and safety standards and ensure you have met your duty of care.  A quality safety, health and emergency response plan can mean the difference between life and death.

LifeAid’s consultancy team has decades of experience and are available to assist you in reviewing, assessing, creating and documenting your safety, medical and emergency plans ensure you meet your duty of care to staff, contractors and customers.

Please email LifeAid at or call 1300 543 324 if you require additional information on this service.