First Aid Quality Assurance and Governance

LifeAid has pioneered the development and recognition of private paramedic practice and governance.  If you or your organisation utilise first aiders, first responders, paramedics, nurses or doctors then you have a duty of care and statutory responsibility to ensure you are operating in accordance with accepted standards.  Some questions you can ask about your situation are:

Systems – Do you have a emergency medical response and evacuation plan?


  • Do your first aid staff have the correct clinical qualifications?
  • Are they current in their skills?
  • Do they have the experience to perform patient care competently?


  • Who takes responsibility for their patient treatment?
  • Do you have policies and treatment guidelines to perform patient care to the level of their qualifications and the local or state jurisdiction?
  • Is there a system of authorising the practice of your first aiders, paramedics and nurses.

Patient Records

  • Are patient treatments recorded adequately, stored securely and retained for the required statutory period?
  • Is the documentation adequate and do they meet medico-legal requirements?
  • Can the records be retrieved easily and how are treatments reported?

Audit – Are treatments reviewed to ensure appropriate treatment has been provided?

Training – Are first aid and medical staff provided with or required to undertake refresher training and recertification?

Equipment – Do we have appropriate first aid equipment and supplies?

Support Services

LifeAid can provide just those supports needed to maintain your current first aid or medical response system:

  • Refresher and re-certification training
  • Relief staff to cover short falls including leave periods
  • Any component of the management system where there is a deficiency that cannot be provided for in house.

Clinical Management Systems

LifeAid has a complete package of clinical system support that includes:

  • Audit of your emergency medical response objectives and systems.
  • A gap analysis to establish operational characteristics and training needs.
  • Development of a detailed strategic first aid and medical plan.
  • Provision of medical governance and authorities to practice.
  • Implementation of appropriate administration and documentation.
  • Implementation and management of the patient care record system including clinical audit.
  • Assistance with obtaining appropriate drug approvals and licenses.
  • Establishment and implementation of clinical guidelines.
  • Provision of ongoing skills refresher and re-certification.
  • Exercising and practicing the response plan.
  • Provision of medical equipment and first aid consumables.
  • Assistance with obtaining patient transport licenses.

If any of the areas mentioned above require assistance email LifeAid at or call 1300 543 324 to discuss your needs and for additional information.