LifeAid Event First Aid and Medical Support Services

LifeAid provides onsite medical services incorporating the following integrated or standalone services:
  • Paramedic and first aid emergency care teams for all events and industries
  • Fire Rescue teams
  • Ambulances, fire appliances and rescue response vehicles
  • Medical, first aid, rescue, fire equipment and supplies

LifeAid services can provide for any situation including the following:

  • Industrial operations and shutdowns
  • Film and television nurses, paramedics and fire rescue support
  • Horse racing, eventing, camp drafts, rodeos
  • MotoX and rally events
  • Standby fire and road crash rescue crews for motor racing
  • Community festivals
  • Music events/concerts
  • Fireworks displays
  • Public events during periods of fire restrictions
  • Hazard (fuel) reduction fire suppression standby
  • Asset protection due to bushfire threat
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • First Aid kit checks and supply

Call 1300 543 324 or email for information and a quote.

LifeAid professionals minimise medical risk and the impact of injury & illness by ensuring that emergency safety, medical, health care, first aid, fire rescue and security staff are immediately available in the very frontline of your workplace or event.

Our solutions provides quality and cost effective support over the duration of any event or contract.

LifeAid determines the most appropriate support needed in consultation with the client by assessing the challenges, geographical location, hazards, risks and unique characteristics of the site and workforce.

LifeAid ensures the best patient care possible is delivered in an appropriate, timely & cost effective manner, by integrating our specialist onsite paramedics and nurses into your systems and resources.

LifeAid provides experienced fully accredited staff, including:

  • First Aiders and First Responders.
  • Advanced life support and intensive care rescue paramedics.
  • Remote emergency and critical care nurses.
  • Specialist Doctors.
  • Medical rescue teams and equipment.
  • Security – First Aid staff.
  • Emergency Response Teams ERT/ESO (fire rescue technicians).

Support Enquiries

To discuss your needs with our team, please contact us by email at: or by telephone on 1300 543 324.

If you have a specific event, activity or work task please complete the form below and submit it by clicking the Get Quote button.

Event Support Request

Event Support Request

Contact Details

To discuss your specific needs you can call the LifeAid office on 1300 543 324.
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Contact Name

Event Name, Details and Location

Provide any relevant details of the event that will assist the provision of the first aid support.
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Location Name
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Event Details and Risk Category

Department of Health Guideline - Victoria, can be used as a reference for determining the needs of your event. The level of first aid and medical support are determined by the charasteristic of the event, such as:

  • The numbers attending whether they are workers, volunteers, spectators or competitors.
  • The location and proximity to emergency services such as  ambulance and hospital.
  • Combine these with the identified hazards and risks will enable the best management of any illness, injury or incident that may occur.

The link below will provide information and key considerations when organising your event or activity.

Victorian Department of Health - Engaging a First Aid Service FAQ's 

Risk Categories

Completing the details below will provide the basis for the provision of the appropriate level of support and fees.

Click all relevant boxes that relate to your event - activity.

Estimated number of Patrons-Attendees
Low Risk Event Types
Low risk event profile- the event nature and patron demographics, numbers and behaviours have a low probability of patient injury and or illness
Medium Risk Event Types
Medium Risk event profile- the event nature and patron demographics, numbers and behaviours have a medium probability of patient injury and or illness
High Risk Event Types
High risk event profile- the event nature and patron demographics, numbers and behaviours have a high probability of patient injury and or illness.
As determined by organisations risk assessment and medical plan
Please upload your risk assessment, emergency medical plan and approvals in the upload field below.
Equipment Availability
Facilities available at venue
Security Arrangements

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