Any organisations when undertaking a review of their emergency preparedness can ask themselves a number of questions to establish where they are currently, some of these include:

  • Do we have emergency and fire evacuation plan and procedures?
  • Who are our fire wardens and designated staff roles?
  • Do they have the appropriate training?
  • Do we have appropriate emergency equipment?
  • Are you compliant with AS 3745-2010 compliant

LifeAid can assist you and provide:

  • Undertake an audit of your complete emergency response and site based systems.
  • Develop and implement a fire and emergency response plan and procedures, tailored specifically to your site that will meet AS 3745-2002 and all State and Territory regulations.

Implementation and Training

LifeAid can also assist in the implementation and ongoing training and drills required to maintain the readiness of the system and ensure your site is compliant at all times. Assistance can include:

  • Emergency response team and first aid procedures.
  • Fire and evacuation procedures manuals.
  • Fire warden, chief fire warden and emergency fire response training.
  • Emergency evacuation, fire & emergency drills.

Please email LifeAid at or call 1300 543 324 if you require additional information on this service.