Course Code and Title: PUAFER006 Lead an Emergency Control Organisation
                                    (Previously known as ‘Chief Fire Warden Course’ supersedes PUAWER006B)

Includes: PUAFER005, PUAFER008

Award Issued: Statement of Attainment for Lead an Emergency Control Organisation – PUAFER006

Pre-Requisites: Nil

Recertification: Recommended Yearly

Duration: 6 – 8 Hours

Course Description: This unit covers the competency required to make decisions about people’s safety during a workplace emergency and to give instructions on the priority order for responding to the emergency incident area. Emergencies can include, Fires, Bomb threats, Chemical Incidents. This unit has been developed to cover the broad range of emergencies and workplaces as considered in Australian Standard 3745-2010.

Objectives: The chief fire warden training course will cover the requirements of acting as a chief fire warden. The duties of chief fire wardens and responding to and taking charge of the emergency situation, safely prepare personnel for evacuation and how to safely evacuate your workplace, how to control the emergency,how to brief other wardens and the emergency services and how to coordinate the entire emergency response.

Course Content:

– Australian Standard 3745 -2010
– Chief Fire Warden Legislative and Regulatory requirements
– Emergency Planning Committee
– Emergency Control Organisation
– Chief Fire Warden Training requirements
– Fire Warden Identification & Structure
– Emergencies where evacuation may be required
– Methods of raising the alarm
– Safety Procedures at Fires
– Bomb Threat Procedures
– Persons with Disabilities
– Duties & Responsibilities of Chief Fire Wardens
– Command & Control
– Briefing the Emergency Services
– Post-Evacuation Management
– Emergency Procedures
– Human Behaviour

Practical Scenario’s will be completed which will utilise your workplace and the emergency evacuation equipment that you have onsite.

Assessment: Assessment will be performed progressively throughout the course using demonstrations of practical skills, scenario’s and short answer theory questions.

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This Course is provided in partnership with, and is accredited by Fire and Safety Australia RTO:22250