Course Code and Title: UETTDRRF06 Perform Rescue from a Live Panel

Award Issued: Statement of Attainment for: UETDRMP007 – Perform Rescue from a Live Low Voltage Panel and HLTAID009 (001) Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation 

Co-Requisites: Provide CPR (HLTAID009)

Recertification: Recertification is required every 12 months.

Duration: 4 Hours

Course Description: This Low Voltage Rescue training course provides participants with the confidence and competence required to rescue someone from a low voltage switchboard and perform CPR on an unconscious non breathing casualty.

Objectives: This training course is designed for any person whom may need to perform CPR to utilise DRSABCD during the course of their employment or rescue a person.

Course Content:

This training course includes:
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of rescue from low voltage electrocutions.
  • Rescue of a person working on low voltage electrical equipment using a Low Voltage Rescue Kit.
  • Practical aspects of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

 Compliance with the Queensland regulations for regular refreshers for those involved in electrical power industry.

Assessment: Assessment will be performed progressively throughout the course using demonstrations of practical skills, scenario’s and short answer theory questions.

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