Whether providing Occupational First-Aiders, Nurses, Paramedics or Medical Officers to your event, office or worksite, LifeAid has well established policies, procedures and quality systems in place to ensure that only the most experienced and highly skilled professionals are engaged.

The provision of high quality health care to your event or work site significantly improves patient care and assures that your most valuable asset – your workforce – is protected.

Our Medical Director, supported by an experienced medical advisory committee, determines and authorises the clinical practice and approved guidelines for our staff. These clinical practice guidelines are in line with State and Territory Ambulance Service, nursing and medical standards.

Additionally, LifeAid adheres to Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines and regularly undertakes review of all procedures, guaranteeing the most current and accepted interventions. Continuous clinical improvement strategies including peer review audit, Medical Director audit, case reviews, preparation and presentation of clinical data, a comprehensive skills maintenance programme and bi-annual skills assessments are some of the many ways LifeAid ensures the highest clinical standards.

Patient being carried on a stretcher