Course Title:PUAFIR324 – Render Hazardous Materials Incidents Safe

Course Code: PUAFIR324

Award Issued: Identify, detect and monitor hazardous materials at an incident PUAFIR306
Render hazardous materials incidents safe PUAFIR320

Corequisite: Employ personal protection at a hazardous material incident PUAFIR308


PUAFIR215 Prevent injury and PUAFIR207 Operate breathing apparatus open circuit
Recertification: Determined by Operational and Currency Requirements

Duration: 20 Hours

Course Description: This unit covers the competency required to safely combat incidents involving hazardous materials.
‘Hazardous Materials’ is a generic term used to refer to an incident involving dangerous goods and hazardous substances.

Objectives: Designed for Emergency Response Teams who may be required to render Hazardous Materials Incidents safe.

Course Content:
• HAZCHEM & Dangerous Goods Legislation
• Ensure compliance with legislation
• HAZCHEM Incident Response protocols / procedures
• Personal Protective Equipment: Splash Suits, Gas Suits
• Decontamination and HOT/WARM/COLD Zone establishment
• HAZMAT Emergency Action Guides, HAG Sheets etc
• Safe Work Procedures

Assessment: Assessment will be performed progressively throughout the course using demonstrations of practical skills, scenario’s and short answer theory questions.

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This Course is provided in partnership with, and is accredited by Fire and Safety Australia RTO:22250