Medical Services.

 LifeAid professionals minimise medical risk and the impact of injury & illness by ensuring that medical rescue & health care are immediately available in the very frontline of your workplace or event. Our solutions provides low total costs of acquisition and service operation over the duration of any service or contract.
LifeAid determines the most appropriate support needed in consultation with the client by assessing the challenges,geographical location,hazards, risks and unique characteristics of the site and workforce. LifeAid ensures the best patient care possible is delivered in an appropriate, timely & cost effective manner, by integrating our specialist onsite paramedics and nurses into your sytems and resources.
LifeAid provides experienced fully accredited staff, including:
  • First aiders and first responders.
  • Advanced life support  and intensive care rescue paramedics.
  • Remote emergency and critical care nurses.
  • Specialist Doctors.
  • Medical rescue teams and equipment.
  • Security staff.
  • ERT (fire rescue technicians).

LifeAid has available for deployment Vehicles and Equipment:

  • Ambulances 4WD for Remote and Offroad work.
  • Fire Appliances 4WD – 12 tonne, 3000lt tank.
  • Fire Rescue Response 4WD fully fitted for rescue.
  • Vertical Rescue Equipment.
  • Confined Space Rescue Equipment.
  • Road Crash Rescue Equipment
  • Breathing Apparatus.
  • Medical Equipment and first aid kits.