Course Code and Title: 22298VIC Course in Basic Oxygen Administration

Award Issued: Statement of Attainment for 22298VIC Course in Basic Oxygen Administration

Pre-Requisites: Nil

Recertification: Annually

Duration: 4 – 6 Hours

Course Description: Course in Basic Oxygen Administration is a short course designed to develop skills and knowledge to provide oxygen resuscitation the provision of oxygen therapy and to support the casualty until the arrival of medical assistance.

Objectives: To provide oxygen therapy and resuscitation for casualties in the emergency situation.

Course Content:

  • Mechanics of respiration
  • Need for oxygen
  • Acute respiratory distress
  • Use of oropharyngeal airways
  • Oxygen therapy masks
  • Airway care and suction
  • Use of bag mask resuscitator
  • Use of demand valve resuscitators
  • Personal infection control
    OHS legislation

Assessment: Assessment will be performed progressively throughout the course using demonstrations of practical skills, scenario’s and short answer theory questions.

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